Review and Evaluation


This final day enables participants to reflect on the Programme and effectively review and evaluate how it has helped and developed them and their performance at work with their team. There will also be an opportunity to explore the broader impact of the Programme in terms of changes of strategy, processes etc, that have impacted on the corporate life of their organisation. Participants will make presentations to invited guests – Mentors, Line Managers and any other relevant stakeholders, demonstrating the key learning points from the Programme and an overview of their Business improvement Project.

Full Description: 

The presentations will take place in the morning followed by a light buffet lunch.

After the course: 

During this review participants will be able to:

  • Critically review this Management Development Programme and measure it’s effectiveness on their performance

  • Demonstrate how the Programme has enabled them to make a difference to the corporate life of their organisation

  • Highlight changes in their management style, which have led to improvements in terms of managing their teams

  • Plan the next stages of their Personal Development Plan

  • Offer suggestions to improve and enhance the Programme for future groups
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